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I help women feel strong in their bodies.

Based out of Central Oregon.

In order to best help my clients, I have a limited number of current clients spots available.

How Can Dr. Jessica Help?

Physical Therapy and Exercise Can Help

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Say goodbye to
your pain

I take you through a comprehensive assessment and identify the cause of your problem. Then, I'll explain what can be done to reduce your pain and prevent it from happening again.

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Fix your problem with movement

I'll develop a specific treatment plan that will get you stronger, increase your mobility, and decrease/eliminate your pain.  This will help you improve your skills so you can stand out against the competition.

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Get your body back to its optimal level

I'll educate you throughout your treatment plan and guide you through the recovery process. This helps you get back to your workouts, practices, and competitions as quickly as possible.


In Person Appointments:

Based out of Redmond, OR

Helping women feel strong in their bodies in

Central Oregon.

Virtual / Telehealth Appointments

available from the comfort of your home

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