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Currently providing in-person appointments in

Portland, Oregon

Virtual appointments available upon request


Doctor of Physical Therapy

She graduated as Jessica H. Benson (her maiden name) from Fresno State and received her Master of Physical Therapy degree as well as her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.  Her sports injuries as a gymnast and cheerleader led her towards her career in physical therapy. Now she enjoys sharing this knowledge with her patients and peers.

Former Gymnast

She was a competitive gymnast in California and enjoyed the athleticism and challenge of gymnastics.  She even competed in the California Junior Olympics.  Her favorite gymnastics event is the Floor Routine as she was a natural-born performer.

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Former Cheerleader

She was also a football and competition cheerleader.  During stunting, she has been a flyer, base as well as a spotter.  She enjoyed the performances with her teams and the challenge of synchronizing their stunts and tumbling.

Former Cheer & Tumbling Coach

She started coaching cheerleading and tumbling in high school and continued coaching during Physical Therapy school.  She loved watching her athletes learn new skills and become more confident in their performances.

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2021-06-28 20.59.27.jpg

Barbell Rehab Method Certified

She obtained her BRM certification to be able to incorporate barbell lifting with her athletes, clients, and patients.  This also allows her to help CrossFit athletes and weight lifters to improve their technique and avoid injury.

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Her Husband

Jessica married her hometown sweetheart, Keiji, from Lemoore, California.  They currently live in Portland, Oregon.  When not working, they enjoy spending time outdoors going on hikes, paddle boarding, relaxing on the beach, or camping.

Standard Poodle Owner

Jessica and Keiji are proud dog owners of their Standard Poodle, Frank.  He enjoys sunbathing, running on the beach, eating meat, going on hikes, and paddle boarding.

2018-04-21 16.15.46-1.jpg

Certified Yoga Instructor YTT-200

As she understands the importance of both strength and flexibility when recovering from an injury, she wanted to increase her knowledge of yoga poses to incorporate into her appointments.  Her certification allows yoga flow to be an integral part of her clients' treatment plans.

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