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Testimonials: Testimonials

Committed To Your Success

I need to take a moment and give this lady a HUGE THANK YOU!! If you don’t know this wonderful person, well trust me when I tell you she is amazing.
Jessica and I have been working together every week for about 8 months. She diagnosed me as Hypermobile. Up until then I had no idea why my body kept falling apart. Then funny, but not funny, other doctors and surgeons were able to connect my issues with my hyper-mobility. You see my muscles are keeping my joints from sliding around more! I need to be careful with dynamic movements and stay balance by not over developing any muscle group. Without Jessica’s support I’m can honestly say, I don’t think I would be where I’m at today. With her support and expertise I am taking the next step to finally getting the relief I need.

- Bethany

Jessica helped me maintain motion and flexibility in my knee even before my knee replacement. Now she has helped me learn how to walk, limp free, through strength exercises, and other therapy modalities. Thanks for all your help!!

- Leslie

Dr. Jessica has previously treated me for severe plantar fasciitis. I was unable to walk without pain for quite a while prior to seeking help and felt like I was missing many experiences with my family. I struggled to complete daily tasks without pain. And, Jessica was highly recommended to me by multiple people. She was extremely patient in explaining exercises and the importance of specific things to me. She adapts her explanations and demonstrations to meet the patients' needs with ease. She was very kind and attentive to my limitations during our appointments. I have continued using the exercises she gave me, even after treatment ended! Without her help, i would not be able to be on my feet all day, let alone go hiking with my family! I would gladly return to her for treatment if the need presents itself!

- Bonnie

Jessica is very meticulous in the work she does and is a very caring person.  She conducts herself in a very professional manner and conveys all pertinent information about the PT session, however her attention to detail goes above and beyond just PT.  She looks at the patient in a big-picture manner and conveys very useful information to help direct care of the session.

- Andi

She is AWSOME, Jessica has been helping me with my left shoulder and cervical DDD. She is great and a very knowledgeable physical therapist! Give her a call if your having pain!!!

- Jeni

I wanted to thank Jessica for the work that she did for me on my right shoulder after injuring it.  It is, I think, better than it has been even since my college days.  I've been to exercise with no shoulder issues beyond feeling like the muscles have been well exercised.

- Tiff

Going into my therapy, I was very apprehensive due to other types of therapy at different facilities so I figured I would go and stop after several visits. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of concern and the techniques I was given. My whole experience was incredibly enjoyable and I actually looked forward to my sessions, Jessica not only addressed my recovery from surgery that I had but other problems such as posture, lifting correctly and so on. My total experience was very enjoyable considering the reason I was there for recovery of a very painful surgery. Jessica made this experience enjoyable plus informative to make everyday living much easier. I would highly recommend Jessica for any therapy needs you have now or in the future. Thank You Jess.

- Debbie

Jessica has done an impressive job helping me recovery from 2 unrelated injuries this past year (knee and shoulder).  She does a great job of teaching the patient what is happening with the injury and explaining how the physical therapy will help the recovery. I couldn't have been happier with my experience


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